Feeling positive is a quality that comes readily to me. I’ve had to be the light at the end of the tunnel for my son throughout his life. My son , who is 28 with Asperger’s needs encouragement in order to navigate his world. Navigating the world can be very rocky at times for him. He has his strengths but when his routine is upset and his confidence shaken, he can spiral into anxiety and despair. He is very bright, yet very sensitive. His ability to handle change can be difficult at times. But with a positive approach , he works through his anxiety and faces new challenges well!

I try to help him keep his life productive. Keeping to a schedule and getting involved in the community has helped him in his down time from school. When he has a productive schedule , he does extremely well . I do my best to stay positive even when the day is
moving in a negative direction. He turns to me for the upbeat spirit of the day. I must stay positive because I shoulder his view about life. My motto is when life throws you lemons,make lemonade.. He understands this concept and works through the disappointment.
We are often a daily pair. I keep him on task and he handles the work of the day.

Some years back, instead of living in the frustrations of the spectrum, I decided as his mother, to embrace his autism. I really think that made a huge difference in my outlook and my son’s progress. I looked at his special needs as a gift. He made me the best mother I could possibly be and I would never let obstacles get in his way. We just embraced that positive life !!! I became the coach and head cheerleader behind him . I
taught him a can-do attitude that gave him tools for success. Today, he is successful and understands how to navigate his issues. I am very proud of him !

A positive attitude is the key to success ! You can’t always change the outcomes, but you can change the way you see life. We are fully in charge of our attitudes!!!