Welcome to our retreat, a place to nuture our purpose as mother;

Celebrate the Seasons of Motherhood.

I invite you to enjoy the nourishment that lies within these words.Mothers need a peaceful place to go to find their true purpose in life. We were bestowed many beautiful gifts from God that I think we often overlook. Mothers need great nourishment today to see the divine purpose in our lives.

There is no harder job and no greater gift than raising a precious, beautiful child. Our world is full of misguided notions and people who do not value individuals. Mothers have a major influence in their children’s sense of the world. We are their first impressions of the world at large. Mother’s are the guiding force and have the power to build their lives with great virtue and love.

We have a very critical job that has a direct impact on our society. Our children’s well-being is in our delicate hands. It is our power that can change the course of negativity affecting our children and forge a better world.

Time and time again, we are moved in so many directions. The world and ourselves are spinning out of control. It is up to us to manage our lives well and our choices so that we do what is best for our children.Our presence and involvement give our children the unconditional love they need to nourish their lives. Do not buy into the idea that your presence does not matter. Your presence does matter and we, as mothers have a responsibility to our children to protect them and build their world with the ingredients that will build their sense of security and self-esteem.

As mothers, we give ourselves such little attention and nurturing, that we do not have the tools to do our job well.We need to build each other up, realize that our role is in divine partnership with God and help one another chart a successful course in the many stages of motherhood.

I choose this name for my blog because it sums up our mission. As Jesus once preached in the new testament , ” Be the salt of the earth” so too, I am urging mothers to Celebrate the Seasons;(seasoning as in SALT) of Motherhood.

This is our time, a time to sow the seeds of pure love and goodness. Mother’s have the power to transform the world, lets begin that transformation ¬†through our family life. Let’s live a mindful , meaningful existence that will create harmony at home .

My blog will provide you pure nourishment. It will be rich with wisdom, scripture,personal experiences and enlightenment. Come join me on this journey and we can grow in the light  together. I know as mothers we have an open mind, a heart full of love and a deep interest in having the best life for our families. We want the best for our children and we are capable of moving mountains to make a better life.

Let’s stir our souls and nourish our minds. Follow me and we can make this an enriching experience and a dialogue between mothers of vast backgrounds, lifestyles and journeys. Let’s become a positive force in the world.

Our maiden voyage begins…let’s travel to ports and journey to ¬†destinations that break boundaries and soars us to an altitude where God dwells. Let us transform together and hold sacred our purpose on earth.


Many Blessings,

Helen Joy Ciraulo