Relieve the Stress of daily life

neurontin 300 mgs With the new year here, let us mothers make a promise to ourselves: to manage our daily stress better. We live in a world of multi=tasking, juggling and day’s that never end. Motherhood is the most demanding job in the world. We cannot function well without moments of peace and restful night’s sleep. Take time in the busy part of the day to take a mental breather. Perhaps, 10 minutes to practice mindfulness. This can be meditation, prayer , a stroll outdoors, just some precious minutes in your chair with your eyes closed or just sit still and breathe slowly. Find the time in the day to take a mental vacation. Truly, there are never enough hours in the day to get all our work done. Decide what are your priorities and work on those items diligently. Give yourself time to retire from the endless work and tasks.With good health, rest and good nutrition , you will fight off illness better, have more energy and function better in life.

Unwind from the day, watch TV, listen to music or read a good book.

Find your way to quiet yourself. Consider your sleep hygiene; turn all your technology off and just curl up and rest.

In time you will refresh your mind and spirit so that you can give more to your family and live more fully in the present moment.