click for info My son is diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome which is on the Autism spectrum.

Follow my stories and insight of how I mothered his special needs into adulthood.

Mothers of special needs children work continually with their child to help them reach independence and success in life.

I will share my highs and lows with you and open conversation on the struggles we face so bravely. Autism, my son and the special mothering for milestones.

I am a mother of a very creative, loving ,high functioning autistic son. My journey
with him has molded me into a mother who climbs high mountains for his sake. He is the center of my heart and although he stumbles with his social awkwardness; he has taught me more about the human experience and the fierce power of love.

In order to reach every milestone , we climb them together. I am his support system.Along the way,I marvel how he shines when he reaches every achievement goal.
Often reaching the bar requires more time for him than others, but his determination pushes him forward.He is very focused on being in step with everyone else.

The challenge of raising my son has been a blessing. He has taught me how to be the best mother possible. When I was weary and frustrated for him ,I knew that we had to press forward. Reaching his goal was the our vision together. Remaining positive with a healthy attitude always made a difference.We celebrated the small achievements as well as the big ones. His progress was slow ,yet very positive. Patience was the key to it all. He taught me that success is not measured by swift accomplishments, but by
little steps, perseverance and determination. Never comparing himself to others, but running his own race.
Often, my son has placed me as the SUN in the center of his UNIVERSE. He looked to me for encouragement and the wisdom to help him get through each hurdle.

There are times when I am so tired I can barely keep positive. But I must !

The journey is so exhausting,yet,there are times when he will turn to me and say , “Thanks Mom for being there and helping me through”. These are the times when his smile can bring me great joy! It is then that I realize my support ,has indeed, made all the difference to him.

We, as mothers, must guide our kids to their dreams no matter what the disadvantage may be.