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Can you remember how uplifting you felt when you enjoyed the gift of flowers? How fresh and fragrant their sweet smell! Our need to feel alive and renewed is so needed during our winter days. It is important to take time out to recharge ourselves as mothers. Our responsibilities can weigh us down and overwhelm our need to nurture ourselves.

Treat yourself to some quality time. Book a day at the spa, take in a good book, spend some time discovering a hobby.Find a day in your schedule where you can relax and unwind. Quiet your mind so that you can be present for today. Life can spin out of control and be toxic. The high pace of today; the demands and the inability to hear our own hearts; eventually can frazzle our outlook. Slow down and breathe in the day. Find a pocket of time that is just for you.

We cannot nurture our children to the best of our abilities unless we take time for ourselves.

You will be astonished at how happier your outlook will be after you care for yourself. Most importantly, your children will benefit from your refreshed and cheerful outlook!

God Bless our Family

Today and Everyday, let the tender moments of our Lord’s own family touch our hearts and change our lives.

God, bless our family. Make it like the family of your son.

May our moments of sorrow give way to seasons of joy.

May the memory of harsh words fade, before the warmth of a loving touch.

May there never be pain that a kind embrace cannot lesson.

May the tears of sorrow always be replaced by the music of laughter.

May resentment be banished from our home and forgiveness reign in our hearts today and everyday.

Let the living thing, that is stronger that the love that binds our family together, be your love, Oh God, which makes

all creation one.

Let it be God, until that day when your gentle guidance brings each of us to our eternal home and in your loving arms.


Welcome Fall!

This is a colorful, crisp time of year. Our kids are back in school and order is coming back to our households.
It is a perfect time to clean out the summer clutter and create a renewed home life.

Let’s open closets and restore order in our daily lives.

This time of year is also a perfect time to renew our commitment to motherhood.

Let’s be honest and review our own scorecard. Are we doing the best job we can considering our lifestyle? Do we often make time for our kids? Do we find time to connect and enjoy each other’s company? Are we making mealtime an important time to connect with our children each day? Do we have the ground rules understood in your family life? Are our children learning to reach out into the community? Do we have technology curfews? Are our kids living a healthy life?

These questions are important to review this school year. There is always room for improvement and growth. We set the stage for our family life.Day in and day out, we want to pace our lives in harmony. Decide what is most important to make your family life whole. Set a pattern around your choices and reach high for a stabile, loving home life.

Your kids will benefit from your well thought out decisions.

The Grace that lies within

Mothers have a unique ability to go into overdrive when they are needed by their children.
Nothing is ever too much when it comes to being there when it counts.We can go right into an adrenaline rush and to our amazement,we have the strength of a heavy weight champion! No longer in sleepy overdrive, we find a reservoir of energy that makes the task at hand easily manageable.

I can remember the day my daughter, at age 12, jumped out of a swing at the playground. The accident brought her to the hospital. As they tested her injury, I was told she ruptured her spleen. The hospital suggested we drive her to a hospital more advanced to help her heal from her injury.I drove in the ambulance, right by her side, so concerned and supportive. In order for the spline to heal, she would need to be hospitalized for 30 days of total bed rest. Grateful that there was a good possibility of healing, I realized that I would be involved in a marathon of mothering for my daughter’s well being.

I rose to the occasion, changing my schedule, making arrangements for my other children, planning some activities when I go to visit . I would be her rock; the love and support she needed to get through a difficult time. We had lunch together each day and made crafts at her bedside in the afternoon. I made sure she had her favorite books, stuffed animals and friends to keep her spirits up.

This injury tested my love and dedication in a crisis. I was blessed with the grace to be her pillar of strength and help her through a difficult time.
She was my source of strength too. She had the positive outlook to work through the situation. Her upbeat outlook helped me through my weariness. Her smile lifted my heart.

I learned what truly mattered ; my daughter’s well being and the deep love we share for one another.

Never underestimate the importance of a mother’s love and devotion in a time of true need for your children. Be there for your children. It matters!



We must teach our children well! Our children need our guidance and seek our wisdom. They need to learn compassion, so that we can make our world a better place. There is so much suffering in the world. We wake each day with so many troubles in the news. Our children must understand that we all must be concerned with our communities. The forgotten and the poor must be valued. In our own communities there are many outreach programs. It is important to teach our children that community service is an important part of life. When we help our communities, we teach our children valuable lessons about making a difference in society. They also learn about others who are different, yet the same. They begin to think outside their world and appreciate all that they have in their lives. No longer will they take things for granted. Life blessings can be appreciated more.

There are many ways our kids can help our communities. Volunteer at school, church or at a local organizations. Kids can help collect food at a local food bank, participates in walks for a good cause. Look for ways to teach this very important lesson to your children.

They will grow up and become compassionate adults who care about the world they live in.

Stories of Love


I had a golden opportunity to understand the true meaning of joy this past Christmas. I am a member of a church group that provides delicious Christmas meals for those who struggle in our community.
One member of my community volunteered to sponsor a family who struggling very hard. I became the messenger of the Christmas gifts. The experience was absolutely beautiful! I found that joy comes from giving. It open’s one’s heart into a feeling of happiness, beauty and love. To see two families come together for the greater good was to witness what true compassion is all about in the world.

I discovered that true joy comes from helping others.That was a lesson that will forever stay close to my heart.

It is amazing what we can do for others if we make it a part of what is important in our lives!! The true gift lies in
the act of giving. What a beautiful moment to experience!



Take a walk in the park with your child and watch his/her reaction to butterfly’s
passing in the bushes.

The awe and the sudden wonder will join the two of you into a wonderful memory.

Sit under a tree and look up at the clouds. Can you see any faces you know in the formations?

When you begin to see the world from a child’s eyes , you will experience a pure moment of joy.

Take the time this summer to take a leisure walk in the park and discover your JOY.

Random Acts of Kindness


Each winter our food stores offer deep discounts on canned food. A great idea for Moms is to bring your kids to the food store and have them select several canned foods to donate to the local pantry. The pantry’s are in great need after the holiday’s. Their inventories are low and helping the needy is a great cause to teach your children. You will be teaching your children the selfless act of giving and you will be helping families who are struggling during these cold winter months. Two valuable lessons that are very powerful!

Check in your area to find a food bank nearby and donate food to the needy. A great lesson to instill in your children is the act of giving.

Current Issues

How can we be better mothers? How can we protect our children in this chaotic world? What matters ? What can we come together to fight for regarding our children’s rights?

These ideas and more will be examined in this section. It is our serious place to start a dialogue. Share your concerns with me and lets find an answer.

Our voice counts in our children’s lives.




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