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Month: March 2014

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Stories of Love


I had a golden opportunity to understand the true meaning of joy this past Christmas. I am a member of a church group that provides delicious Christmas meals for those who struggle in our community.
One member of my community volunteered to sponsor a family who struggling very hard. I became the messenger of the Christmas gifts. The experience was absolutely beautiful! I found that joy comes from giving. It open’s one’s heart into a feeling of happiness, beauty and love. To see two families come together for the greater good was to witness what true compassion is all about in the world.

I discovered that true joy comes from helping others.That was a lesson that will forever stay close to my heart.

It is amazing what we can do for others if we make it a part of what is important in our lives!! The true gift lies in
the act of giving. What a beautiful moment to experience!



Take a walk in the park with your child and watch his/her reaction to butterfly’s
passing in the bushes.

The awe and the sudden wonder will join the two of you into a wonderful memory.

Sit under a tree and look up at the clouds. Can you see any faces you know in the formations?

When you begin to see the world from a child’s eyes , you will experience a pure moment of joy.

Take the time this summer to take a leisure walk in the park and discover your JOY.

Random Acts of Kindness


Each winter our food stores offer deep discounts on canned food. A great idea for Moms is to bring your kids to the food store and have them select several canned foods to donate to the local pantry. The pantry’s are in great need after the holiday’s. Their inventories are low and helping the needy is a great cause to teach your children. You will be teaching your children the selfless act of giving and you will be helping families who are struggling during these cold winter months. Two valuable lessons that are very powerful!

Check in your area to find a food bank nearby and donate food to the needy. A great lesson to instill in your children is the act of giving.

Current Issues

How can we be better mothers? How can we protect our children in this chaotic world? What matters ? What can we come together to fight for regarding our children’s rights?

These ideas and more will be examined in this section. It is our serious place to start a dialogue. Share your concerns with me and lets find an answer.

Our voice counts in our children’s lives.




Book Clips

Enjoy previewing my new book entitled,” Motherhood : A Winding Road of Joy.”

I will be posting excerpts for your enjoyment.

I am eager to hear your feedback on these topics and to share your story with our community  here at Celebrate the Seasons of Motherhood.



Helen Joy


How often have you been so overwhelmed that you just broke out into laughter? It can happen very often when you are raising your family. There are times when you either want to scream or just break down and laugh! Your kids will learn a lot about life through laughter. It may be good not to take everything so seriously. The truth is life is full of lemons, so why not just make lemonade!

We all need to be resilient in the eyes of stress.Laughter is a great stress reducer. It brings some happiness in a bleak moment and teaches us through laughter, that is is ok to poke fun at situations. It unites us and calms us completely down.
Some of my most trying moments were filled with trying to find the lighter side in life. When my son got his fingers jammed in the VCR and in the panic of rescuing him, I made a joke. It made him smile and not feel the terror of the moment. All did go well! Instead of driving him to the emergency room with a hand stuck in a VCR, I was able to calm him through laughter and jimmy his hand loose.

On those long car rides with the noisy, crazy kids in the back, if i didn’t tell a funny story here and there, we could of all gone crazy. Sometimes, in the middle of chaos, you find the lighter moments. Juggling kids in cars, stores, doctor appointments and schools can get very nerve wracking. You have to find a way to look at things with laughter or you will go crazy. Don’t be so concerned with appearances, just do your best in the situation and keep love for your child in your heart. It is worth raising your voice, letting your stress level soar or is it best to find the good and alter the attitude in order to make it through a situation?

I can remember my young son taking one of the major cans away in the grocery display and the entire tower going down. Well, I was quite embaressed and upset. But, instead of yelling, I decided that the best thing to do was to have my son and his brothers clean up the tumbling tower and rebuild it. Even the customers were nice and helped out and we learned that you can repair a bad situation. We found humor in the moment and it became a family story around the kitchen table. My son remembered how he fixed the tower. It was a positive outcome in his mind.

We must treat situations with love and make the best of all circumstances.
Patience can truly save the day!!

Peace in a mother’s heart

Mother’s were born to worry. It is part of the struggle in parenting. From the moment our child is born, we worry about our child’s well-being. As they grow, we worry about each stage of life.

How do we deal with the unknown: the worry?

Prayer is the answer.

Lift your worries and surrender them to God. God is always there helping us to find our inner strength . He surrounds us with pure love. Turn to God and her will quiet your mind and help restore peace in your heart.

Find God’s presence in your daily,everyday life.

He will answer your prayers, ease your suffering and surround your child with his heavenly protection so that you can rest.